Self proclaimed artist from Mumbai, India.

I am a lockdown 2020 painter and I think its the best thing I ever did. I love to travel, have coffee in cute little cafes, watch sunset, meet new people and have deep conversations.

I am still figuring my art style but vast nature, never-ending deep sea, landscape are my favorite to paint. 

Follow along on Instagram @artsyminal or contact me at heyminalart@gmail.com.

FAQ (get to know me)

When did you start painting? April, 2020.

Where are you from? Mumbai, India.

Favorite medium? I have tried acrylic, watercolor, oil paint but my go to medium is gouache.

Favorite art supplies? I will add a link here soon !!

Where do you get your inspiration from? Nature, skies, sunset and travel memories.

Most adventurous thing you ever did? Does solo backpacking to Europe count? I'd also say starting to paint in April 2020 and launching my own website in December 2020 is the most crazy thing i ever did !!

Where did you learn how to paint? I am self-taught, but highly inspired by the amazing art community.

Are you a full time artist? What are you passionate about? No, I am a chartered accountant working as a consultant. I am passionate about art, music and travel.

Who is your favorite painter? Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet.

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